About Us

Self-care (n): the practice of taking action to preserve one’s health and happiness

Holistic (adj.): the philosophy of parts being interconnected into a single being


Wellness (n): change and growth resulting in a complete well-being

Self -Care and Holistic Wellness is our priority!


Meet the team

Based in New Jersey, this Black Women Owned company, values the holistic wellness of the human being all while emphasizing self-care. As certified healthcare professionals, the team took an understanding that to get to the “root” of conditions that plagued generations of their family, they would need to get involved in some roots---that being herbs.

With an emphasis on transforming and purifying the mind, body and soul, through meditation, using herbal blends, and optimizing self-care, Teas and Steams, LLC, was born.


Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected to make a well-balanced blend of the finest herbs to benefit your wellness journey.


We have backgrounds as certified healthcare professionals, certified herbalist and yoni/vaginal steam facilitator certification to bring you a knowledge-based and balanced experience.